Service Delivery Lead, Springfield MO
Service Delivery Lead, Irving TX
West Coast Manager – Texas
Business Development Manager
Greg Walsh
Service Delivery Lead, Piscataway NJ
Mike Watkins
South East Regional Manager
Jay Schultz
Service Delivery Lead, Charlotte NC
Jeffrey Hall
Service Delivery Lead, Pittsburgh PA
Antonio Patoilo
North East Regional Manager
Manuel Maldonado
Site Lead – Carrollton, Texas
Craig Krech
Service Delivery Lead
Brett Bellino
Procurement Manager
Julie Guarducci
Service Delivery Lead, Arlington TX
Aaron Stock
Service Delivery Lead, Kansas City MO
John Graef
Service Delivery Lead, Secaucus NJ
Vincent McKinley
Service Delivery Lead, Blythewood SC
Shawn Cohen
President & CEO
Sadek Chowdhury
Chief Financial Officer
Randy Brown
Vice President, Estimating & Pursuits
Fiona Jia
Chief Operating Officer
Jay Allan
Senior Director, Technology Division
Peter Frasca
Director of Construction
Mario Herce
Director of Construction
Jimmy Jordan
Chief Estimator
Luca Martinella
Director of Construction
Brent Stewart
Director of Special Projects
Nathan Morrow
Director of Business Development
Kevin Arnold
Senior Manager, Prefabrication
Sabah Chowdhury
Patrick McNamara
Director of Construction