College Park

Symtech Innovations Ltd. is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Design Assist Electrical contract for the College Park project. 

College Park is a 35,932 sq/ft shopping mall, residential and office complex located at the southwest corner of Yonge and College streets in Toronto downtown. The building is a Toronto architectural landmark with almost a hundred-year history, incorporating the allure of its Art-Deco heritage combined with modern features. It was built for T. Eaton Co. Limited between 1928 and 1930 and designed by Ross & Macdonald and Sproatt & Rolph, initially known as Eaton's College Street. 

The project mainly involves replacing six substations in College Park's operational facilities that are commercial and residential mixed-use.

The replacement aims to give this historical landmark a new life, mitigating the risk of operating dated substations for both guests and residents. 

Symtech will be responsible for decommissioning six existing substations to replace them with a new and improved version by working alongside our partners - Smith & Andersen (Electrical Consultant) and Colliers (Construction Manager). In addition, Symtech will install temporary power sources before decommissioning and replacing existing substations to minimize the impact of construction on existing businesses and residents. The Design Assist approach for this project allows Symtech to contribute its vast experience to improve constructability, achieve efficiencies and cost savings, and ultimately add value.