65 King

Location: 65 King St East, Toronto, ON (MAP)

Year: 2017

Project Type: Retail and Commercial

Size: 400,000 square feet, 19-Storey Building


This new landmark brings 400,000 sq. ft. of next-generation workspace to the downtown Toronto core periphery. Proposed 18-storey office development by Carttera Equities for 65-75, 79-81, 83, and 85-89 King Street East at Leader Lane. The construction will preserve existing heritage buildings along king street, the tower rising behind.

65 King East is designed with an aluminum curtain wall system featuring floor-to-ceiling 12' vision glass and double-glazed units with low-emissivity, touting grander views of the city of Toronto and Lake Ontario, while flooding the work space with natural light, high-efficiency dimmable LED lighting at 400 lux maintained average with integral Daylight occupancy & motion sensors help reduce energy consumption with intelligent technology to dim when not in use and have maximum daylight power when needed. HVAC providing people with greater air circulation and flow for access to cleaner, higher quality air throughout the workday. Highly-efficient mechanical, electrical, elevator and column layouts result in a highly efficient gross up factor of approximately 14%.

Symtech will be responsible for all electrical systems such as power distribution, emergency power, high efficient lighting, lighting controls, fire alarm, security system and network systems. The design-assist approach for this project allows Symtech to contribute its wide experience in the field to achieve construction efficiencies and cost savings to the overall project.

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