Nathan Phillips Square


Nathan-Phillips-Square2Since opening in 1965, Nathan Phillips Square has served as Toronto’s premier public space, a leading tourist attraction, and a national and provincial landmark. Nathan Phillips Square is where Torontonians gather, share memories and welcome the world. It is a place where people come together in the spirit of openness, community and democracy. Every year, over 1.5 million visitors attend a variety of community and special events hosted on the Square. Revitalizing Nathan Phillips Square is a priority for the City in its efforts to beautify and restore its public spaces and make Toronto a cleaner, greener and more beautify city.


Nathan-Phillips-Square1The goal of the revitalization project is to create a new skate pavilion, snack bar, concert stage, new public art areas, and a new Peace Fountain, as well as much-needed green space with attractive landscaping with new energy efficient lighting. Beginning in June 2010, Symtech Innovations Ltd. has been selected to participate in this exciting project in two phases. The first phase was to upgrade the power distribution for the expanded Nathan Philips Square and add the new skating Kiosk. The second phase was to add the Theater, Peace Fountain and power load centre’s for events that can be erected and removed as required throughout the square. Together with the upgraded lighting and landscaping it will truly be an exciting addition to Toronto’s City Hall. (MAP)