Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Location: Orillia, ON (MAP)

Year: 2016

Project Type: Medical Clinics, Research, Laboratory


The upgrade consists of the construction of a new Sub-Electrical Room where the installation of new 600V switchgear, switchboards, distribution panels and transformers will take place. In addition, two 450KW generators, control and synchronization panels, mobile connection panel, new exhaust stacks and fuel system are being installed. A new trench system with removable roof panels will be constructed between the main building and a remote electrical room known as the E-House. The trench will contain 4.16KV medium voltage cables to feed the E-House, 600v feeders from E-House to new distribution system located in the Sub-Electrical Room as well as conduits for security, fire alarm and building automation system. The trench will incorporate a drainage system consisting of weeping tiles, scupper drains, sump pits and sump pumps.

Existing 120/208V switchgear in the Main Electrical Room will be removed and replaced with 600V switchgear, transformers and Automatic Transfer Switches. A new control system for motorized breakers will be introduced as well as Fire Alarm System additions, BAS monitoring and sprinkler alterations. Existing electrical loads throughout the hospital will, after careful planning and coordination, be transferred to the new distribution system

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