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Reporting to the Regional Manager, the Service Delivery Lead will be the first point of contact for the Data Center Support team. The Service Delivery Lead is responsible for coordinating between vendors and customers, scheduling meetings with stakeholders, managing customer relations, project planning and coordinating with service delivery managers. This individual will be responsible for verifying payroll hours that are submitted by employees that work at their site location. This position requires the Leads to be physically on site in order to complete work. This position will include some basic troubleshooting and repair of IT equipment failures.


Installation and Removal of IT Equipment

➢ Physical power down of equipment

➢ Plan, evaluate, and deploy hardware items in specific locations and testing to ensure achievement.

➢ Install and remove cabinets and racks in the data center.

➢ Perform activities to ground cabinets according to standard processes.

➢ Dispose of all packing material and waste appropriately.

➢ Approve / coordinate tickets to add or remove equipment from the data center.

➢ Move equipment, racks, devices, and materials between physical locations in the same data center.

➢ Execute physical activities as defined on the data center floor.

Device Validation

➢ Visual inspecion of devises as requested

➢ Serial number validation

➢ Device invetory capabilities and physical compairson to inventory lists

Basic Device Configuration and OS Loads

➢ Install software CDs and DVDs

➢ Install, connect and/or move USB devices

➢ Configuration of out of band (OON) and remote management connections (I.e. DRAC, ILO, etc.)

Management of Staff / Data Center

➢ Review, verify and submit hours to payroll.

➢ Review and approve if applicable, proposals submitted by staff for hardware device placements throughout the data center.

➢ Scheduling and oversee the completion of the maintenance for the critical infrastructure.

➢ Schedule and oversee the completion of the electrical work for UPS, for preventative maintenance.

➢ Proactively order supplies for the data center, keeping note of stock counts and replenishing as required.

Cable Installation and Planning

➢ Physical installation and removal of patch cabling, and cabling components and related material

➢ Removal of unused cable and cable components from racks, conduits and data center subfloor

➢ Connect communication copper and fiber cables between installed IT equipment.

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➢ Ensure that all links and communication cables have been tested, labeled, connected and documented according to client standards.

➢ Test all cables prior to installation and cable pathways end to end before and after installation to standards.

➢ Identify unused system connections.

Cable Troubleshooting and Repair

➢ Troubleshoot and repair system connections as needed.

➢ Test all types of cables – copper, fiber (MM/SM), dark fiber, DWDM, M PO, etc.

➢ Replace cables.

➢ Check network connections.

➢ Trace cables

➢ Clean and polish fiber ends

Media Administration

➢ Power on/power off devices

➢ Relay LCD readouts

➢ Reset remote management connection I’s and passwords.

➢ Reset cables.

➢ General troubleshooting and visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting efforts.

➢ Test and troubleshoot problems.

➢ Check power connections.

➢ Provide feedback on console display (e.g., stop errors, blue screen, etc.)

➢ Assist with disaster recovery activities in the event of a complete system failure.

➢ Assist with recovery of data center and equipment related to planned and unplanned power interruptions.

➢ Identify and report audible errors and system failures.

➢ Install and connect crash cart.

➢ Attend conference calls for troubleshooting and recovery of client environments related to a reported client impacting incident.

Media Administration

➢ Mount/dismount media

➢ Filing and cataloging of media

➢ Scanning of media

➢ Shipping/receiving of media and peripherals.

➢ Inventorying of media and media related equipment

➢ Tracking of media and media related equipment

➢ Labeling of media and media related equipment

➢ Initializing of media and media related equipment

➢ Track onsite spares/scratch levels and report low volumes.

➢ Perform all activities to prepare and package media for offsite vaulting.

➢ Perform all activities to receive media from offsite vaulting produce and perform appropriate filing.

➢ Execute commands on system consoles to perform standard daily tasks (mount, unmount, silo eject, etc.)

➢ Use of designated tools and processes to track client media.

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➢ 2 years’ experience physical on-site Data Center experience supporting the data center equipment and/or infrastructure (power, space cooling equipment and cabling)

➢ Previous experience managing or leading a team.

➢ Knowledge of basic electrical requirements and conversions (i.e., Kilowatts, Amps, Phases, etc.)

➢ Experience working in a structured ITIL and/or ISO environment utilizing problem, change and incident disciplines.

➢ Quickly learn, adapt and retain data center and client specific information.

➢ Ability to effectively work independently and on a team.

➢ Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

➢ Scheduling flexibility to complete assigned migrations/projects.

➢ Excellent communication and written skills

➢ Ability to lift 50 pounds.

➢ Capability to spend extended durations standing or walking.

➢ Any technical certifications are seen as an asset.

➢ Security clearance will be required to be obtained if working in cleared areas.


➢ When COVID is over, 0-10% travel would be required to go to site and to meet with stakeholders.


➢ In office conditions: Sitting for long periods of time, low levels of noise, regular lighting. Temperature can be adjusted as per employee’s preference with the use of fans or heaters.

➢ On site conditions: Walking or on your feet for long periods of time, high levels of noise, weather and temperature can vary depending on season, mainly outdoors.

Positions available as both contract and permanent.

Available opportunities at the following locations:

North East

  • Aurora Illinois
  • Piscataway – new jersey 
  • East Windsor – new jersey
  • Secaucus – new jersey 

South East

  • Blythewood – S. Carolina 
  • Charolotte – N. Carolina 
  • Raleigh – N. Carolina 
  • Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania 

West Coast

  • Kansas City – Missouri 
  • Carrollton – Texas
  • Hillsboro – Oregon
  • O’Fallon – Missouri
  • Arlington – Texas
  • Springfield – Missouri
  • Irving – Texas
  • Richardson – Texas 


➢ Competitive compensation

➢ Employee Benefits Program

➢ Professional Development and Growth Opportunities

Symtech Innovations is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate equity, diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. If you require accommodation in any stage of the recruitment process, please contact All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, gender identity or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.

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